Apply now for Summer Smasher 2018!

Are you looking for a unique experience this summer?  Are you a student looking for an opportunity to gain experience working with entrepreneurs in the field of technology and innovation or a startup team interested in a deeper collaboration and community? The Summer Smasher program is designed to enhance your skills & provide support for an evolving and growing field set in SCilicon Beach.


  • Summer 2018
  • Location:  Viterbi Startup Garage, SCilicon Beach

Topics covered include:  Entrepreneurial team dynamics; bootstrap marketing; hiring and employee management; how to talk to investors and technology managers; legal and accounting basics


  • Access to “Ask An Expert” clinic
  • Student help for your projects
  • Residence in the Viterbi Startup Garage
  • Discussions tailored for early stage startups

Apply by Sunday, May 15, 2018, 11:59pm PST

Startup Teams Apply Here


  • Experience the fast-paced world of a tech startup
  • Gain hands on experience at ground zero
  • Learn how to think like an entrepreneur
  • Weekly “lab” meeting

Apply by Sunday, May 15, 2018, 11:59pm PST

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