The 2018 Winning Teams


Alarm that attaches to your skateboard and notifies you when it’s moved

Team Media

Tracks your online behavior by classifying content you read

Aevar Technologies

Saving time and money in the discover of new medicine using bioprinting

About The ABC Innovation Prize

The Viterbi School of Engineering offers USC undergraduate students an opportunity to use innovation to develop solutions in three areas:

  • Atoms – engineering hardware products
  • Bits – digital projects, such as mobile and web apps, including AI, ML applications
  • Cells – biomedical or bioengineering projects

To apply, you will be asked to provide:

  • Description of a problem and how you are solving it with your technology
  • Name, school, email, graduation date, and one sentence bio for each team member

All USC undergraduate students are invited to participate, although each team must have at least one Viterbi undergraduate student as a member. The maximum number of team members is five.

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Key Dates

0Jan 2019
Application deadline
0February 2019
0March 2019
Tech Check
0March 2019
0April 2019
ABC Finals