2011 MEPC winner
Abtum improves RF filters for mobile and infrastructure devices with high performance-to-price ratios.  Private seed funding, including Gen. (ret.) David Petraeus. (2011 MEPC winner)
AIO Robotics is the next generation 3D Printer company working on smart connected, stand alone, and all-in-one printer-scanner technologies. Funding to date: $500K.
BEZALEL designs and manufactures wireless charging technology that empowers mobile device users to discard the power cord, both at home and on-the-go. Funding to date: $4 M.


2015 MEPC winner
BIRS develops a portable hardware and software platform capable of delivering a five-minute concussion assessment using novel eye tracking to measure neurocognitive health. (2015 MEPC winner)
2012 MEPC winner
ClariTrac develops technologies to improve cancer biopsies by allowing physicians to more efficiently and accurately locate suspicious lesions. (2012 MEPC winner) NIH Phase 1 $200,000 award.

Comfort Correct

2014 MEPC winner
Comfort Correct uses programmable wiring technology that sits behind the teeth, making comfortable “invisible” braces that require fewer follow-up orthodontic visits. (2014 MEPC winner)

Built mapping and transportation apps used by millions of users worldwide.   Raised $1M funding.  Acquired by Apple in 2013.

HIA’s product offering leverages intellectual property and a decade’s worth of research and development from the USC’s Institute of Creative Technologies.

Nose Knows

2016 MEPC winner
Nose Knows offers an application to keep pets safe by using animals’ unique snouts to match photos with those uploaded by customers. (2016 MEPC winner)
NVdrones provides software for commercial drone operators to efficiently and effectively manage their personnel and equipment. Funding to date: $375K
Moving Analytics helps hospitals deliver home-based cardiopulmonary care programs to save health care costs for providers and improve outcomes. Funding to date: $1.5M.
Relativity is creating the first autonomous rocket factory + launch service
2013 MEPC winner
Products that fuse design, spatiotemporal pattern recognition, machine learning, and computer vision, enabling next-generation sports insights and experiences. Funding to date: $20M+
Stasis Labs, a cloud-powered platform that continuously monitors vitals in hospitals without burdening human resources and increasing efficiency, raised $5m in seed funding (I-Corps Team).
Tilofy’s forecasting technology identifies trends in their infancy, long before they become mainstream, providing businesses road maps to new opportunities and markets. Funding to date: $1.8M