• Andrea Belz,
    USC Viterbi
  • Lien Denoo,
    Tilburg University
  • Anneleen Van Boxstael,
    Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Helena Yli-Renko,
    USC Marshall

Accelerating Commercialization of Collegiate Engineering and Science Survey (ACCESS) is supported by the National Science Foundation I-Corps Program to study the evolution of nascent technology ventures.  To date we have nearly 200 technology entrepreneurs in nearly 150 unique ventures.  We seek to understand:

  • Why is lean startup education successful?
  • What are the institutional mechanisms that support and accelerate university teams?

Our key findings include:

  • Business models act as cognitive frames, translating an experienced entrepreneur’s background into action, motivating business model education as a method to create these frames a priori in inexperienced entrepreneurs;
  • Entrepreneurs benefit most from advisors from fields complementing, rather than amplifying, their experience bases. Specifically in new technology ventures, business advisors contribute positively to venture emergence, whereas technology advisors may retard it.