MEPC and MFC Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m not a Viterbi student, can I still participate?

Yes, we welcome non-Viterbi students, alumni, etc. but all teams must have at least one Viterbi student on the team.

Is a Viterbi minor acceptable as a Viterbi represented team member?

Yes, a student minoring at the Viterbi school is applicable as a Viterbi represented teammate.

What is the best way to find team members?

Our office is hosting an event on Thursday October 15th called the Tech Start-Up Networking event for this purpose.  Attend to meet like minded students who would be great team mates.

Where can we see examples of previous submissions/winners?

See this exciting article about last year’s winners!

Can I apply to both MEPC and MFC?

Absolutely! We would love to see a dual MEPC and MFC winner take home $100K to start a meaningful startup.

Can your venture be beyond the idea stage?

Yes, teams at this point of development are encouraged to apply for MEPC, as opposed to MFC.

Who will be judging the competitions?

Judges will be announced at the time of competition/challenge finals.  The judges are typically venture capitalists, angel investors, successful entrepreneurs and more.

What are the competition rules?

MEPC/MFC Competition Rules