1. Each team must have at least one member who is currently enrolled as a student (undergraduate or graduate) at the Viterbi School of Engineering.
  2. No student may serve as the qualifying student, as described above, for more than one team.
  3. There is no entry fee.
  4. Each team shall not submit more than one project.
  5. Teams may not consist of more than five members, but can be as few as one member.
  6. Teams must register online before the application deadline to be considered for the challenge.
  7. All student participants should be in good-standing at USC.
  8. Team members are expected to participate in the educational workshops. Six 90-minute workshop will take place during the project proposal preparation period. These will cover basic aspects of social entrepreneurship and customer discovery.
  9. Team members are expected to engage in the customer discovery process by interviewing 20 stakeholders or potential customers/users, all of which should be in person. In the event geographic distance is an obstacle, interviews through skype or other means will be accepted. Travel support can be available.
  10. Team members are expected to commit to a sustained relationship with the Faculty Director and Viterbi business model competition teamĀ and to maintain a professional, open, and responsive attitude with the instructors that work with them.
  11. The Faculty Director and Viterbi business model team competition teamĀ reserves the right to terminate from participating in the program any individual that fails to comply with the challenge rules or procedures, or fails to act in accordance with USC policies.