By applying to the Viterbi business model competitions, including MEPC and/or the MFC, you agree to the following:

  1. You will be professional, open, and responsive to your mentors, maintaining regular contact that includes in-person contact, phone calls, e-mail, and project activities.
  2. You will keep the Faculty Director informed on a monthly basis of the activities of the innovator and the mentor(s), and you will make yourselves available to meet with competition staff as appropriate.
  3. You will participate in the business workshops. Five 90-minute workshop will take place each semester during the proposal preparation/mentoring period. These will cover customer discovery, business model canvas, intellectual property, and the pitch. The dates for these lectures will be listed on the web page.
  4. You will engage in the customer discovery process, interviewing 20 potential customers, 4 of which should be in-person. This effort will be supported by a $500 grant awarded upon admission into the competition. Innovators will submit qualifying receipts for reimbursement (travel, trade shows, etc).
  5. You will provide the Faculty Director with accurate information regarding your innovations to the best of your ability. All identified proprietary information provided by innovators will be maintained in strict confidence by all competition and challenge mentors and participants.
  6. Participating innovators, including faculty, staff, students, and postdoctoral fellows will adhere to USC policies, including those regarding the use of USC resources, intellectual property and conflict of interest.
  7. The Faculty Director will oversee mentor assignments and will monitor the mentoring process. You will notify the Faculty Director promptly of any problems or changes in relationships with your assigned mentor(s) and are encouraged to discuss with the Faculty Director the participation of additional mentors as needs and interests change. All requests for replacement of a mentor or assignment of additional mentors must be made through the Faculty Director.
  8. Innovators should understand that any mentor who desires to enter into a financial, equity, or compensated business relationship with an innovator or with their project must resign his/her position as mentor to the innovator and/or project involved. Innovators should notify the Faculty Director as soon as they are aware of any of these relationships. In such cases, the Faculty Director will assign new mentor(s) as appropriate.
  9. Names of individual mentors may be used on business presentations only if permission is granted by the mentor in question.
  10. Innovators that do not comply with MEPC and/or MFC rules, or USC rules or procedures, may be eliminated from the competition(s) at any point.
  11. These policies may be revised or otherwise updated from time to time at the discretion of USC based upon the evolving needs of the Viterbi business model competitions, mentors, innovators and their projects.