The 2019 Min Family Challenge

Today, there are numerous global crises that challenge the world and devastate populations, such as the refugee crisis with massive impact on higher education, economy, health and so on. Engineering innovation plays a critical role in solving many of the challenges brought about by these global crises.

For the 2018-2019 academic year, students will take CE 499: Innovation in Engineering Design for Global Challenges.

This course aims to teach engineering students how to lead the design of products, services and technologies with a human-centered approach to help solve the needs of the real people who are in the middle of these crises. The course is geared towards students who would like to create new solutions, are comfortable with focusing on wicked problems, and care about cultural, economic and geographic nuances. The course is built on the principles of “create, collaborate, innovate.” The course provides students with an understanding of the design process, research methodologies and innovation strategies using a team-based project work through the process of observation, visualization, rapid prototyping and iteration.

The 2018 Min Family Challenge

About the Min Family

The Mins have a longstanding legacy of philanthropy to USC and beyond. Here at USC Viterbi, Julie and Bryan have generously supported student fellowships. In 2000, the Mins established the ESSential Foundation, which funds, among other things, military support organizations, caregivers of wounded warriors, international micro-finance, religious, educational organizations as well as community programs that support troubled youth.

The Mins are passionate Trojans through and through. Bryan, a distinguished alumnus with a Bachelor’s in Industrial and Systems Engineering, is a member of the USC Viterbi Board of Councilors as well as our ISE Epstein Department Advisory Board.  His wife Julie graduated from UCLA earning a B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Business. Julie worked on Capitol Hill on the Senate Ethics Committee before raising their two wonderful children and currently serves on Boards of various non-profits, including the Armed Services and the YMCA. Their son Brandon graduated from USC with a major in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Daughter Brittany will be attending USC in the fall of 2016.