What happens when you hit “go” on Patentopia?

The actual code is hosted on a Hostgator site, which runs a Python script on AWS.  This script calls the APIs published by the USPTO to search their database:

When the input parameter is “firm name”, Patentopia searches the entire USPTO database for a match on Assignee Name (AN) – in PatentsView this is known as “Assignee Organization”. When a patent is found, the citations are tabulated.  More importantly, Patentopia identifies forward citations – i.e., all the later patents citing the target one.

When the input parameter is “PI name”, Patentopia executes the same search on the Inventor Name (IN).

Many students developed this code over several years, including developing a predecessor code before the APIs were released.  We would like to thank Saarthak Khanna, Anusha Ramakrishnan, Vaibhav Desai, Karan Nair, Chaitanya Ambegaonkar, and Nikita Parmar for their hard work.