The Synchrotron is moving East to the Health Sciences Campus for a special focused edition on life sciences and healthcare companies. Learn the tactical side of setting up your company thru the Viterbi Startup Garage’s successful accelerator program. Wherever you are in your customer discovery journey, take the next step to launching your startup!

Applications are open for a special focused edition on healthcare of the Synchrotron Program, the accelerator program for USC’s Viterbi Startup Garage. The program will be led by a life sciences venture capitalist and will include participation from LA-based angels, VCs, and other service providers. All node teams are eligible to apply! The classes include topics such as capitalization tables, incorporation, Boards of Directors, and other nuts and bolts, as well as emphasizing customer discovery. Furthermore, upon successful completion teams will receive strong consideration for full-time residency at the Viterbi Startup Garage.


What is it?

  • 8-week evening workshops from October 11 to December 6, 2018
  • Meets Thursdays 6-8:30 pm at USC’s Health Sciences Campus
  • Includes light dinner

Why participate?

Selected teams are automatically considered for:

Am I eligible?

  • Early stage technology teams (up to 3 team members may participate)
  • USC Affiliation or I-Corps affiliation preferred


  • Strategy: Learn how to use customer discovery, the lean startup method and strategic partnerships to find your optimal path to your beachhead market.
  • Legal: Get advice from the experts on managing corporate and intellectual property issues. Discover ways to avoid expensive (and potentially devastating) problems down the road.
  • People: Your long-term success relies on your ability to build the right team and culture. Learn how to hire and compensate employees, tap into the expertise of advisors/mentors, and keep key stakeholders in the loop.
  • Operations: As a fiscally responsible steward of your business, you’ll need to know what key metrics to track, how to manage cash flow, and what it takes to demonstrate “traction” and so much more.
  • Fundraising: When it comes to securing money to finance your venture, knowledge is power. Understand your options for raising capital, how much to raise and when, the mechanics of cap tables and term sheets, and the overall LA venture landscape.
  • Storytelling: The entrepreneur CEO is the Chief Storyteller, constantly needing to persuade others to follow his/her vision. Learn about story structure, the most important elements of a compelling story, and proven tips from the pros.
  • Pitch Prep: Roll up your sleeves and polish your pitch at this hands-on workshop. Get real-time feedback from other entrepreneurs, friendly VCs and other experienced presenters.
  • Final Pitches: Present your startup to a panel of early stage investors, field their questions, and get constructive feedback. The session will conclude with an panel discussion about how to excel in the fundraising process.


Richard Kuntz, Founder of Torrey Pines Venture Advisors, provides technology commercialization advice to academic researchers, scouts technology for U.S. governmental entities, and counsels early-stage technology companies on their business models and financing strategies. Rich has nearly 35 years of experience as a venture capitalist, with deep domain expertise in healthcare, medical technology, and life sciences. He has helped create several companies formed to commercialize technologies licensed from major research institutions. Rich is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with SB and SM degrees in aeronautics and astronautics from MIT, and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Customer Discovery

If you have not done so previously, you must conduct 20 customer interviews during this program.

New to customer discovery? Sign up for customer discovery education programs with Innovation Node – Los Angeles.

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