Located in the heart of Silicon Beach in Marina Del Rey, the Viterbi Startup Garage is an incubator for early-stage technology startups. We focus on deep technology and AI-enabled companies, and are very faculty-friendly. As a resident of the Viterbi Startup Garage program you will enjoy the following:

  1. A place to call home – Enjoy 24/7 access to co-working space. Our residents view our space as their primary office, and our associates enjoy dropping by regularly to engage with colleagues, mentors, and staff.
  2. An amazing community – Surround yourself by like-minded entrepreneurs, working under the same roof to bring ideas to life. Join a community where teams are supportive of one another, readily help each other, and cheer each other on as they seek to make their own dent in the universe.
  3. Extensive free support – With tactical assistance including Innovator-in-Residence coaching, topical workshops, and more, enjoy the resources you need to transform technology into a viable business — at absolutely no cost. Because we are supported by the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering, we do not take equity or charge any fees.
  4. Access to the USC network – Get dialed in to USC’s famed network of alumni, mentors, investors and potential partners, both here in Southern California and beyond.

Regular Events and Activities

Founder’s Circle – VSG founders meet together weekly to share war stories, practice pitches, or ask advice over a casual lunch.

Innovators-in-Residence (IIRs) Office Hours – Once a week, our founders benefit from a check-in with a seasoned business executive or venture guru.

VC Office Hours – Once a month, local area VCs visit VSG and are available for consultation. We run these panel style with 2-3 investors per room in 20 minute slots.

Oceanside Chat Speaker Series – Our speaker series invites investors, serial entrepreneurs, and topical experts to share advice and insight for entrepreneurs. Talks are open to the full VSG community. Sign-up on our mailing list below to stay informed.

Become a Resident

If you’re an early-stage technology startup team passionate about having a positive impact on the world and interested in being an active participant in a vibrant community, then we are a good fit for you. To be considered for residency, do one of the following:

  • Take part in Synchrotron, the annual 8-week evening workshop series hosted by the Viterbi Startup Garage. Synchrotron is designed to help early-stage tech startups address critical issues on the path to launch. Participants are automatically considered for residency in the Viterbi Startup Garage.
  • Apply by simply filling out the application form!

Contact Us

For more information, contact us via email at vsg@usc.edu.

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