Management of INnovation, Entrepreneurial Research, and Venture Analysis


Alumni have gone on to:

Academia Industry
Carnegie Mellon University Amazon
London School of Economics Apple
Technische Universiteit Delft IBM
Tilburg University NVIDIA
USC The Analysis Group

Seeking talented undergraduates, MS, PhD, and postdoctoral fellows with backgrounds in:

  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurial studies
  • Finance
  • Public policy
  • Systems engineering
  • Technology management

Working papers

Belz, Andrea. Terms of Endearment: Financing Terms for Deep Technology Startups on a Crowdfunding Platform (April 26, 2020).

Denoo, Lien; van Boxstael, Anneleen; Belz, Andrea.  Help, I Need Somebody, Not Just Anybody? The Role of Advisors During Technology Venture Emergence  (November 28, 2019).

Belz, Andrea and Zapatero, Fernando:  Impact of government grants on venture capital financing of deep technology spinoffs (Updated June, 2020).

Giga, Aleksandar; Graddy-Reed, Alexandra; Belz, Andrea; Terrile, Richard; Zapatero, Fernando; Helping the Little Guy: The Impact of Government Awards on Small Technology Firms (November 15, 2019).

Belz, Andrea; Zapatero, Fernando; Terrile, Richard; Giga, Aleksandar; Kawas, Michael; Mapping the Valley of Death: Managing Selection and Technology Advancement in NASA’s Small Business Innovation Research Program, Transactions in Engineering Management, in press 10.1109/TEM.2019.2904441 (2019).

Belz, Andrea and Giga, Aleksandar, Of Mice or Men:  Management of Federally Funded Innovation Portfolios with Real Options Analysis, IEEE Engineering Management Review, 10.1109/EMR.2018.2847313 (2018).