The Viterbi Venture Fund (VVF) is a new program to support the local ecosystem by investing in our own teams and entrepreneurs.   Teams supported by VVF are entitled to (but not required to have):

  • Residence in the Viterbi Startup Garage in Marina Del Rey
  • Coaching by angel investors
  • Participation in the VVF showcase for corporate and angel investors in the annual Technology Scouting Workshop


Customer Discovery

Teams are required to demonstrate evidence of customer discovery prior to applying.   Federal agency research funding, including SBIR funding, does not qualify.  Customer discovery evidence includes:

  • Purchase order (sponsored research funding to a company or research group does not qualify)
  • Strategic investment in a startup (i.e., investment from corporate venture arms)
  • Completion of a national NSF I-Corps program (100 interviews)
  • Completion of a regional NSF I-Corps program (20 interviews) (MEPC, Min Challenge, or ZAP-BOOM)